New Electrical Circuits and Rewiring

New electrical circuits and rewiring is generally what people employ an electrician for. A new circuit often requires more consideration than simply wiring up a few parts. The circuit should be designed to cope with the demands expected to be put on it, and consideration to the additional demand that may be asked from the supply to the house.

New electrical circuits will be tested and an Electrical Installation Certificate will be issued when finished. Installation Certificates can cover many electrical circuits and a single certificate may be issued for a complete rewire of a house or a consumer unit change as well as a single new electrical circuit.

Design Considerations for New Electrical Circuits

Any new circuit installed will need to comply with the current regulations or edition of BS7671. However, existing circuits in the installation which are not affected do not require bringing up to the latest standards. However, fundamental parts of the installation such as the main earthing and bonding arrangements may need to be upgraded as they form part of the safety considerations of the new electrical circuit.

There are several standard circuits used in houses in the UK. A good example is the ring main using 2.5mm cable. This type of circuit is seldom used in Europe and may not be the best solution. The big increase in home insulation and appliances available may mean this type of circuit is unsuitable.

Altering or a New Electrical Circuit?

This is a question that often comes up when considering alterations to a house. When renewing the kitchen it is common that sockets are in the wrong place and there are just not enough for all the gadgets. Often a new circuit dedicated for the kitchen would be recommended.

All the new gadgets create a significant load that when added to the rest of the house may cause nuisance tripping. The old circuit may have been installed 25 years ago or more. It will have deteriorated or unknowingly damaged or altered incorrectly. To find this after a brand new kitchen is installed is an expensive process.

New technology such as electric vehicles must be installed on a dedicated electric circuits as they can draw large currents. Altering a ring main to charge the car would not be acceptable.

New Electrical Circuits and Building Control

Work carried out such as a new electrical circuit will almost always require notification to building control. With no electrical certificate and Building control compliance certificate you may find it difficult to sell your house.