Electrical Services

If you require an electrician. Finding an electrician that you can rely on to work safely in your home to the legally required standards is not difficult. You can find Paul Jackman on theĀ Electrical Safety Register. Unless you are able to find someone on this register you should not employ them as an electrician. This is the electrician’s equivalent of the GasSafe register for people working with gas and you would never employ an un-registered gas engineer.

Paul Jackman is registered with the NICEIC competent persons scheme. The NICEIC check electricians regularly, to ensure they work to the required standards. Apart from knowing the electrical work is to the relevent standards, it also means that the work can be registered with Building Control under Part P of the Building Regulations.

Registering the work under Part P of the Building Regulations is just part of the picture. Electricians run cables through floors and into walls. This work affects the structure of the building (Part A) and fire safety (Part B). In fact most of the Building Regulations do come into play. That is why you need to be assured that your house is treated professionally and skilfully.

The Electrical Standards

Electrical work is unusual when compared to gas and water as there are many regulations and Acts of parliament that cover electrics. Thankfully, long before these regulations came into being the Institute of Electrical Engineers (now the IET), published standards to work to. This 1st edition regulations was published in 1882 and set out among other things the need to test electical systems for safety.

The 17th Edition of the wiring Regulations is what we work to now. It is otherwise known as BS7671 or the Requirements for Electrical Installations. The 17th Edition was introduced in 2008, and as new technolgies emerge the standard evolves and BS7671:2008-2013 or second amendment is the current standard.

The Importance of a Certificate

Every electrician is required to inspect and test the wiring. This has always been in the IET regulations. Today the results of these inspections and tests are recorded on one of two forms:

  • Minor Works Certificate
  • Electrical Installation Certificate

As a minimum an electrician will give you one of these forms. No certificate, the person is not an electrician and your house and family are at risk.